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Gas and Boiler Leaks

If you’re choosing a company to provide you with gas and boiler leaks Durham services, you may not get a second chance at deciding whether or not they are a good match for the job. These are issues that you have to address before you let anyone who calls themselves an ‘expert’ into your home to take care of any kind of leakage. If you give this job to the wrong people, you could end up with damaged property, injuries or death on your hands. The problem of boilers leaking gases or water are sensitive in both regards. Gas leaks have the potential to cause instant disaster while boiler leaks may be a warning that something is wrong in your system.

There are two types of gas leaks that can happen in a gas-fired boiler. In the first kind of leak, the gas used to fuel the boiler may find its way out of the system due to a malfunctioning valve or a broken pipe. These gases are highly flammable and in the presence of an open flame or spark can cause a serious explosion. Secondly, carbon monoxide can also leak from your boiler and while it may not be as explosive as LPG or natural gas, it’s quite deadly too. Carbon monoxide has no smell and can cause asphyxiation. It has been dubbed the silent killer because it’s usually not detected when it leaks and in case this happens when people are sleeping or unable to notice the signs, it will cause death.

Boiler leaks may not pose an immediate danger and may, in fact be totally harmless. However, when water or steam leaks from an unusual part of the boiler, it could be a warning that the temperature settings are wrong or that there’s a crack/damage and such weak spots may not be able to withstand the pressure inside the boiler for long.

When you’re facing such problems, it’s best not to take any chances with amateurs. Many people have died tried to fix gas leaks and many of these incidents are due to lack of expertise and awareness of the danger. Our people are experts in dealing with such issues due to both their training and their experience. Additionally, they’ve also been registered with Gas Safe. Gas Safe registers individuals who have been trained or are experienced in attending to gas related problems. There are various forms of registration offered and you must ensure you call people with relevant registration that is up-to-date.

In the case of boiler leaks, you have to be in a position to tell whether or not your boiler leak is outside what would be considered normal. Any abnormal amount of leakage or leakage from an unusual part of the boiler is something that warrants further investigation. This is where you should call Eco Efficient.

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