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Central Heating Installation

When you invest in poor central heating installation Durham services, you could spend thousands of pounds more on repairs or on energy bills thanks to mistakes made during installation that lead to inefficiency. With energy tariffs going through the roof, most people are keen to avoid spending more than they have to on energy. It’s Eco Efficient that most of these people in Durham are calling on to answer their concerns and help them ensure that the quality of installation of their central heating system is as good as it could be. We haven’t let anyone down so far.

Errors made when Installing Central Heating Systems

Mistakes that could be made when installing a central heating system are numerous but the risk of these mistakes being made increases when you have an amateur company at the helm. As small as these mistakes may seem in the moment, they could prove significant in the years to come and some of these mistakes are:

  • Untidy Wiring: This is a very amateur mistakes that unfortunately many people still make. It’s not enough for the wires to be connected properly, they must also run through the right places and be secured to ensure they’re not all over the place. This makes maintenance easier and also limits the possibility of the wires being damaged.
  • Reusing the old system: You may decide that it’s time to change the visibly worn or old part of your system but it’s the parts that don’t share enough wear or aging that should concern you because they may give you a false sense of security. If you’ve used a system to the point where a major component needs replacement, the other parts of the system should be checked to be sure they’re not hiding similar issues in unlikely areas.
  • Incorrect radiator placement: Radiators are the parts of the central heating system that you’ll be interacting with most of the time since they’ll be in the various rooms of the house. However, radiators can be an eyesore or even get in your way if you don’t position them properly in your house. The heating effect may also not be as effective if the radiator is place on the wrong part of any room.

What makes us Better?

With our central heating installation Durham services, the amateur mistakes that might be made at great expense to you can be easily avoided. Our people follow stringent installation steps to ensure that nothing is forgotten. No detail is too small for us to ensure that we get it right. Whether it’s the correct positioning of your radiators, checking the state of other parts of the old system or getting rid of parts of the old system, we get the details right each time. So give us a call if you’re thinking about replacing your old central heating system.

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