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As essential as they are to our lives, without proper boiler servicing Durham services, boilers have the potential to become a danger to us as well. Boilers can explode or leak poisonous gases into the building and although the incidents have reduced nowadays, it still happens. More people have started to take the servicing of their boilers seriously but it’s not so simple. Just because somebody who claims to be an expert comes around every once in a while and gives your boiler a few cursory glances doesn’t mean that you’re now safe. Unless the person servicing your boiler is a professional who cares about their job and knows what to look for, there are no guarantees.

Why does boiler servicing matter?

Boilers, like any other piece of equipment that is mechanical in nature, has moving parts inside it including valves. Additionally, vibrations are created whenever a boiler is in operation due to the flow of gas and its combustion inside the boiler. These vibrations aren’t always noticed especially in boilers that have been securely mounted but this doesn’t meant that their effects should be ignored. The heat that is produced inside the boiler is yet another cause for concern because heat will cause changes to the boiler parts and even the surroundings over time. Here are the issues caused:

  • Movement of parts: When mechanical parts move against each other, wear and tear takes place. The degree of wear and tear will vary depending on various factors but it still happens regardless and at the end of the day, it can cause some parts to become lose or it can cause the release of gases/steam from the boiler.
  • Vibration: Vibration can cause anything lose to fall off but additionally, it can gradually cause a tightly screwed joint to become lose. This is why screws, nuts and bolts in many moving parts have the tendency to become lose after some time. If essential joints in the boiler are loosened, the extent of vibration will increase and this can cause the boiler to damage itself.
  • Heat: Boilers are built to survive the heat produced by the burning gas but this only takes care of the more immediate effects of heat. As the years go by, heat can slowly weaken the boiler parts and body and the presence of water/steam can contribute to this as well.

Thanks to issues such as these, you have to ensure that you know the state of the boiler at any given time and this isn’t possible unless you get boiler servicing Durham services from a professional company such as Eco Efficient. With proper servicing, you’ll be able to take care of short term threats such as loose parts and long term issues like creep. Eco Efficient’s doesn’t excellent servicing and does so very quickly so reach out to us today.

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